Plan Review Fees

When any person, firm, business, or other entity submits a plan, application, or other document in connection with a building permit for review and/or approval to the Office of the Fire Marshal, the fees for the said review and/or approval shall be as follows:

  • All Fire Marshal fees must be paid in full in order to receive Fire Marshal approval per the State of Connecticut Building Code

  • City of West Haven and one and two family occupancies are exempt from the above fees.

  • Any building plans 10,000 square feet or greater may be required to have an independent plan review, as determined at the sole discretion of the Office of the Fire Marshal. The independent plan review shall be conducted by a plan reviewer hired by the applicant and subject to the approval of the Office of the Fire Marshal. The applicant shall pay all costs associated with the contracted plan reviewer's independent review. The applicant shall submit the plan reviewer's written report, along with documentation that the reviewer's costs have been paid in full, prior to the Office of the Fire Marshal's review and approval of such plan.

  • Construction Value


    $0.00 to and including $40,000


    In excess of $40,000

    $100.00 plus 0.5% per $1,000.00 or portion thereof

    Special installation (hood & duct, computer rooms, kitchen suppression systems, other)

    $100.00 per system

    Click here to view and print the Fire Marshal Plan Review Application form.

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